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  • Lunch and Dinner Menu

    Pupus Appetizers

    The perfect way to start your meal. or, come in for an evening with friends to share a pupu or two. Our pupus serve two or more.

    Kalua Nachos
    Served on crisp tortilla shells and topped with kalua pork, black beans, jack cheese, and drizzled with sour cream. Served with guacamole and spicy pineapple chutney.

    King’s Hawaiian Platter
    A sampling of our favorite island-style appetizers. Ahi Poke, Fried Calamari, Kalua Nachos, Spam Musubi and Macnut Onion Rings.   Served with ranch dressing, sweet & sour and teriyaki sauce.

    Fried Calamari
    Lightly battered and breaded calamari served with cocktail sauce and sweet and sour sauce.

    Ahi Poke
    Sushi-grade Ahi tuna, green onions and white onions mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, Hawaiian rock salt, seaweed and crushed red chilies. Served over freshly chopped cabbage.

    Macnut Onion Rings
    A generous portion of rings, lightly battered with panko and macadamia nuts.  Served with BBQ sauce and Ranch dressing.

    Spam Musubi
    Sliced and fried Spam wrapped in rice and sundried seaweed with sesame seed seasoning. A generous portion (8 pupu-size pieces) served with sriracha and teriyaki sauce.

    Salads and Soups

    Soup of the Day-
    Portuguese bean soup is offered daily or ask about the soup of the day.

    BBQ Chicken Salad
    Huli Huli Chicken, black beans, tomatoes, avocado, corn, shredded jack cheese, onions and cilantro served over a bed of lettuce.  Served with BBQ ranch dressing.

    Hawaiian Dinner Salad
    Hawaiian fried noodles and mandarin oranges on a bed of crisp lettuce. Served with an exotic plum sauce dressing.

    Somen Salad
    Asian noodles with mixed lettuce, tomatoes, char siu, kamaboko, green onions, eggs, cucumbers and shrimp. Served with sesame soy dressing.

    Chinese Chicken Salad
    Our special blend of shredded chicken breast, oriental seasonings, rice noodles, green onions, almonds and mandarin oranges served on a bed of lettuce.  Served with our house Chinese Dressing.

    Traditional Dinner Salad

    The Hawaiian Connection

    Hawaii has changed. The population is representative of more countries than ever before. So the Islands’ chefs are exploring new foods with more flavor, with a mix of cultures on every plate. And that’s what we’ve prepared for you too. Attractive new foods that are your connection to the new Hawaii. Enjoy!

    Hawaiian Seafood Soup
    A hot and sour masterpiece. Udon noodles, fish, shrimp, clams, mussels, dashi, and island seasonings.

    Coconut Shrimp Skewers
    Generous skewers, each coated with panko and coconut flakes. Served with a spicy cucumber relish, ramen salad and steamed rice. A drizzle of our special sauce and our homemade sweet and sour sauce make this dish super delicious.

    Macnut Curried Mahi Mahi
    Our mahi has a breading of curry seasonings, panko, and chopped macadamia nuts. Served with our own curry sauce, pickled baby bok choy, and sweet potato hash.

    Miso Salmon

    A delicate salmon filet made with our unique King’s Hawaiian miso sauce blend. Served with steamed rice and baby bok choy seasoned with soy sauce, butter and lemon.

    Combination Plates

    Served “Local Style” with steamed rice and potato macaroni salad.
    Substitute with Chow Mein or Hawaiian Coleslaw for $1.

    Luau Platter
    Traditional Hawaiian festive foods. Taro Leaf Lau Lau, Huli Huli Chicken, Kalua Pork, Chicken Long Rice and Lomi Salmon.

    Fried Noodles and Teriyaki Chicken
    Our popular noodle dish and tender teriyaki chicken.

    Grilled Mahi Mahi and Kalua Pork

    One of the Islands tastiest meals puts these two on one plate. Served with Lomi Salmon.

    Mix Plate
    Huli Huli Chicken, Teriyaki, Beef, Kalua Pork and Lomi Salmon.

    Teriyaki Beef & Chicken

    A honolulu classic combines two traditional favorites, both featuring our special teriyaki sauce.

    Allergic to nuts? Several of our items contain macadamia and other nuts. If you have a question about any item, ask your server.

    Plate Lunches

    Served “Local Style” with steamed rice and potato salad. Substitute with Chow Mein or Hawaiian Coleslaw for $1.

    Chicken Katsu
    Tender chicken filet, panko breaded and deep fried. Served with Katsu sauce.

    Chicken Katsu Curry
    Our popular Chicken Katsu with a generous portion of our curry sauce.

    Add two large, fresh eggs, served over easy.

    Teriyaki Beef Plate
    There is nothing better than our sliced teriyaki beef served in the traditional Hawaiian plate lunch style.

    Kalbi Ribs
    Popular Korean style beef ribs marinated in garlic ginger and onion seasoning. Served with kim chee.

    Kalua Pork
    An Island tradition. Smoked pulled pork on a bed of sliced cabbage. Served with Lomi Salmon.

    Beef Stew
    Tender beef and country vegetables slowly simmered with mild herbs and spices. A Hawaiian favorite.

    Huli Huli Chicken
    Boneless chicken prepared in the traditional Hawaiian manner. Marinated for hours then charbroiled over an open flame.

    Loco Moco
    Broiled Angus hamburger patty topped with two large, fresh eggs, over-easy and with brown gravy. Served on a bed of steamed rice.

    King’s Hawaiian Bowls

    All are served on a bed of steamed rice, with seasoned vegetables.

    Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetable Bowl
    A perfect marriage of the most popular foods in Hawaii. Stir-fry vegetables, Teriyaki Chicken and Steamed rice.

    Spicy Beef Bowl
    Our special marinade gives this grilled beef a luscious flavor.
    Macadamia Chicken Bowl
    Crispy fried chicken, garlic sauce and chopped macadamia nuts…a very special treat.
    Hawaiian Orange Chicken Bowl
    Crispy fried chicken seasoned with passion and orange juices. Topped with toasted coconut. You’ll love the Hawaiian touch.

    Noodles and Fried Rice

    Our Saimin Noodles are an exclusive recipe, made fresh in our own dedicated Saimin facility.

    Hawaiian style noodles in a seafood broth with char siu, diced green onions, scrambled egg and kamaboko.*

    Spam Musubi and Saimin
    Our popular pupu pairs up perfectly with our saimin.

    Won Ton Min
    Four pork filled won tons, char siu, chopped green onions, nappa cabbage, scrambled egg, kamaboko, and Hawaiian style noodles in a seafood broth.*
    *Broth includes MSG

    Fried Noodles
    Pan fried saimin noodles with bacon, char siu, kamaboko and green onions.

    Fried Rice
    Seasoned rice stir-fried with green onion, kamaboko, bacon, egg and Portuguese sausage.
    with Teriyaki Chicken
    with one egg over easy

    Kim Chee Fried Rice
    Fried rice mixed with spicy kim chee.

    Sandwiches and Burgers

    Served with French fries or potato macaroni salad, with fresh fruit garnish and a dill pickle spear.

    BBQ Kalua Pork
    Pulled kalua Pork topped with one of our macnut onion rings and BBQ sauce. It works perfectly on our King’s Hawaiian sandwich roll.

    Club Sandwich
    Sliced breast of turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce and tomato. Served on our famous King’s Hawaiian Bread.

    All burgers feature Angus beef, on a King’s Hawaiian sandwich roll.

    Island Burger
    With lettuce and tomato.

    Build Your Own Island Burger
    Cheese, Mushrooms , Bacon,  Avocado

    Oahu Burger

    Sautéed mushrooms, crisp bacon and Swiss cheese.

    Teriyaki Burger
    With Lettuce and tomato. Topped with a pineapple ring and teriyaki sauce.

    Side orders

    Steamed Rice

    Fried Rice

    Mashed Potatoes

    French Fries

    Sweet Potato Hash

    Chow Mein

    Chicken Long Rice

    Potato Macaroni Salad

    Ramen Salad

    Hawaiian Coleslaw

    Lomi Salmon

    Fresh Fruit Bowl

    Kim Chee

    Spicy Cucumber Relish

    Stir Fry Vegetables

    Lau Lau

    Kalua Pork

    Huli Huli Chicken

    Portuguese Sausage

    Fried Spam

    Coconut Shrimp (1 pc)

    Coconut Shrimp (2 pc)

    All Day Breakfast

    Also, see our complete breakfast menu, served daily from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

    King’s Hawaiian French Toast
    From our original family recipe made famous in the Islands. Prepared daily with our special homemade batter. Served with maple or coconut syrup.
    With fresh fruit topping and whipped cream.

    Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes
    Three fluffy original homemade buttermilk pancakes. Served with maple or coconut syrup. $6.50
    With fresh fruit topping and whipped cream

    King’s Hawaiian Burrito
    A blend of scrambled eggs, fried rice, Portuguese sausage and cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla. Served with fresh guacamole, sour cream and homemade salsa.

    Fried Rice with Egg
    Our own fried rice topped with one egg over-easy.

    Two Egg Breakfast
    Served with your choice of bacon, link sausage, fried spam, Huli Huli Chicken, turkey sausage, Portuguese sausage or fresh fruit.

    Three Egg Scramble
    Three eggs scrambled with Portuguese sausage, green onions, fresh mushrooms, green chilies and cheddar cheese.


    *Unlimited Refills

    Kona Blend Coffee

    Chocolate Mac Nut Coffee

    Hot Tea

    Herbal Tea

    Green tea

    Hot Chocolate

    Soft Drinks*

    Iced Tea*

    Fruit Punch *


    King’s Hawaiian Iced Tea*



    Guava, Passion Orange, Passion Orange Guava (POG), Pineapple or Orange Juice

    Beers and Wines

    Bottled Beers


    Bud Light


    Kona Fire Pale Ale

    Kona Longboard Lager


    Champagne with Orange Juice or Passion Orange Juice

    Champagne Split


    Robert Mondavi Coastal Glass Bottle




    Beringer, White Zinfandel

    King’s Hawaiian Senior Discount

    King’s Hawaiian offers a 15% food discount to all of our guests ages 65 and over. Discount applies to dine-in food items and non alcoholic beverages only. Offer valid Monday thru Friday only. Holidays excluded. Please ask your server for details.

    The King’s Hawaiian Story

    Our founder, Robert Taira, opened his first bakery in Hilo, Hawaii in 1950. After several years of success, Robert moved to Honolulu and opened that city’s first combination bakery and restaurant. There, Robert’s recipe for a unique Portuguese sweetbread received the most attention. This came to be known as King’s Hawaiian Bread. In 1977, bread production began in Torrance. Products with Robert’s trademark quality soon were distributed to grocery stores throughout the U.S

    In 1988, our bakery and restaurant opened here in Torrance. Our menu of Hawaiian local food and American food, and fresh baked goods, quickly made King’s Hawaiian a South Bay favorite. To meet demand, a second Torrance location was opened in 2002. it is a quick service bakery and café. We call it The Local Place. We would like to thank all of our valued customers who have helped make King’s Hawaiian so successful. Mahalo.

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